Copywriting & Blogging


The importance of informative professional quality copy and content for your website cannot be overemphasised. In spite of having an aesthetically pleasing website, a potential customer might leave your website within seconds if the content is not up to the mark. 

The tone used on your website sets your brand image. It is of utmost importance that your website has well-written copy using relevant key phrases which will be a true reflection of yourself and your brand values. 

Copywriting is not just description of your company and products. Web copy needs to be optimised for search engines. SEO copywriting involves writing title tags, effective headlines, metadata, and other specialised writing that will determine your searchability. Writing policies, terms and conditions, disclaimers, and codes of conduct also require strong writing skills and sound knowledge about the legal aspect of things. 

To maintain your rank on search lists, it is essential that your website is updated with new information on a regular basis. This is when a blog comes to the rescue. Over the years you would have gathered valuable industry knowledge that could help your customers solve problems they might be facing. Naturally, when you provide them with the solution, it makes them more interested in your products and services. And that is the value and the impact of a well-written blog. 

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On addition to this, a quality blog will increase exposure for your brand as when picked up by Google search the likelihood of the reader then finding your website from your blog and turning into an inbound lead, greatly increases. 

A Hubspot research shows that a business that blogs gets on average 55% more online traffic to their website than one that doesn't.
Bee Found Content Team will work with you and help you publish regular blogs boosting your credibility and adding a competitive advantage over your competitors.