Direct Marketing


Direct Marketing through emails is still as relevant as it was before the advent of social media, as unlike social media, email marketing ensures that your message reaches a carefully curated list of people, therefore increasing your chances of making a sale. If executed correctly email campaigns can be your biggest sales tool. Building a quality mailing list is extremely important as your business grows. Bee Found Marketing will help you grow, maintain, and nurture your customer database. However, emails sent out to these mailing lists should be carefully designed to present your best sales pitch. We will not only help you plan campaigns but also design the email content for you. It is proven that effective marketing campaigns help in customer retention. We will help you send out not just promotional email campaigns but also periodic newsletters with your press releases, case studies, positive customer reviews, and recommendations. 

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A/B testing your messages and finding out the right day and time to reach out to your customers are all part of the Direct Marketing services provided by Bee Found Marketing.